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We would love to assist you with your next solar project. All we need us your most recent electric bill.

  • Range of financing options
  • Stop renting and own your electricity
  • Selling or buying a home soon? See how Solar panels will impact the sale or purchase of your home
  • Federal tax credits

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  • The sun will never send you a bill
  • Stop renting and own your electricity
  • Make your electric bill disappear

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Be a friend to the environment
  • Help reduce rolling brown and blackouts

Solar Powered Attic Vent

Why to Consider?

The less heat in your attic, the less heat there is in the home, resulting in a HVAC system that works less saving both energy and money.

Completely solar powered means no electrical connections are needed.

The product Lifetime Warranty covers every part of your solar attic fan for as long as you own it!

  • Lifetime warranty for parts - after a storm, we can come out and check out the panels and ensure everything is operating properly.
  • Register the warranty for the customer - will make our life easier in the long run
  • At Night - doesn't run without solar. Because the attic was maintained at a lower temperature it doesnt need to reduce temp as much - night time air is more wet than day time air, and you don't want to do that at night
  • Positioning/for install - be intentional about where this is placed - this will improve or reduce efficiency of the vent
    • on south slope you won't have as much problem, at 60 degree will be optimal
    • if on East west or north slope want to raise the panel up so that it is parallel to the ground
    • Shade - will impact reduction in efficiency in a huge way - be intentional
    • Air Damming - watch out for this - needs to be able to work in an attic that has good flow
  • Rated for TDI and Florida at 170MPH - will not get damaged by minor hail - if it gets damaged, then it will be an insurance claim for the Homeowner
  • Rodent Guard around openings to prevent critters from coming in
  • Monocrystalline panel - does not require cleaning for operation - just need it to be clean of debris and not in the shade
  • ROI for this is 1.5 -2 years
  • 65% of electric bill is heating and cooling cost - Reduces heat and moisture in the attic
  • Doesn't put $$ in pocket right now but good for the long haul

  • Passive - heat rises but also requires good intake - convection process does not start up until the attic space reaches 120 degrees. - Complete air passes per hour in a normally ventilated attic 1 - 4AE/Hr with ridge vent, 5 - 8 AE/Hrwith a turbine
  • Active - Attic Breeze - 10-12 AE/Hr

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