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Meet the owners of Two Brothers Roofing, Ruben and David Cardenas, and their wives, Jolene and Jackie Cardenas. Born and raised in the River City, The Brothers are proud to have served San Antonio and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We strive to bring a professional touch to the residential roofing industry.

What makes the Two Brothers experience?

■ Our commitment to helping homeowners

■ Positivity and honesty

■ Transparency every step of the way

■ Heroic culture – We strive to provide the best customer-oriented experience possible with nobility and honor. Our people are heroes and our past customers would agree.

■ “I Will” mentality – from start to finish, we WILL be dependable throughout your project.

No project is exactly the same.

At Two Brothers Roofing we take pride in our work and pay special attention to detail on each and every job, so all projects can get the Two Brothers stamp of approval!

Continuing education is very important to the TBR team. We attend training, conventions, and online classes and are constantly learning. We strive to serve you with the most current technology and utilize the best products available. It’s up to us to educate and advise our homeowners – saving time and keeping money in their pockets.

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